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48-Hour Monitoring Significantly Increases Diagnostic Yield of Multichannel Intraluminal pH-Impedance in Non-Erosive Reflux Disease Patients 1-gen-2009 Ribolsi, M; Emerenziani, S; Balestrieri, P; Addarii, Mc; Cicala, M
Abnormal absorbtive function of the small bowel following ischemia-reperfusion injury: protection afforted by pyruvate 1-gen-2000 Cicalese, L; Brown, M; Sileri, P; Morini, S; Zuber, V; Blanchard, J; Rastellini, C; Benedetti, E
Activated intestinal lymphocytes in inactive Crohn's disease (CD) as a subclinical marker of early clinical relapse 1-gen-1999 Biancone, L; Signore, A; Ronga, G; Pozzilli, P; Pallone, F
Activated muscularis macrophages contribute to muscle cell dysfunction in cholesterol gallstone patients 1-gen-2007 Guarino, Mp; Carotti, S; Morini, S; Perrone, G; Altomare, A; Alloni, R; Caviglia, R; Emerenziani, S; Cicala, M
Bacterial translocation and intestinal morphologic changes associated with obstructive jaundice 1-gen-2000 Sileri, P; Morini, S; Sica, G; Rastellini, C; Benedetti, E; Gaspari, A. L.; Cicalese, L
Chemokines and Inflammatory Mediators in Erosive Esophagitis (EE) Compared to Non-Erosive Reflux Disease (NERD) and Control Patients 1-gen-2011 Altomare, A; Ma, J; Guarino, M; Rieder, F; Fiocchi, C; Behar, J; Cicala, M; Biancani, P; Harnett, Km
Common Cavity is a Marker of Proximal and Mixed Gastroesophageal Reflux and is More Frequently Associated With Reflux Episodes in Non-Erosive Reflux Disease Patients Than in Healthy Volunteers 1-gen-2011 Ribolsi, M; Balestrieri, P; Addari, Mc; Emerenziani, S; Cicala, M
Detection of proximal esophageal acid exposure enhances sensitivity of PH test in non erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease patients 1-gen-2004 Emerenziani, S; Ribolsi, M; Guarino, Mpl; Caviglia, R; Carotti, S; Petitti, T; Cicala, M
Dilated intercellular space diameters of esophageal epithelium in nerd patients with typical symptoms resistant to PPI therapy 1-gen-2007 Ribolsi, M; Caviglia, R; Gentile, M; Emerenziani, S; Rabitti, C; Addarii, Mc; Guarino, Mpl; Cicala, M
Dilated intercellular spaces throughout the esophageal epithelium in GERD patients as an accurate and reproducible marker of symptoms 1-gen-2005 Ribolsi, M; Caviglia, R; Emerenziani, S; Gentile, M; Rabbitti, C; Emmanuele, V; Gabbrielli, A; Petitti, T; Cicala, M
Effect of human colonic mucosa exposure to Lactobacillus GG on smooth muscle cells 1-gen-2007 Guarino, Mpl; Carotti, S; Alternate, A; Marignani, M; Severi, C; Alloni, R; Morelli, L; Panzera, F; Coppola, R; Cicala, M
Effect of ovariectomy on the proliferative capacity of intrahepatic rat cholangiocytes 1-gen-2002 D., Alvaro; G., Alpini; P., Onori; A., Franchitto; S., Glaser; G., LA SAGE; A., Gigliozzi; A., Vetuschi; Morini, S; A., Attili; E., Gaudio
Effect of the gatekeeper reflux repair system on intra-esophageal distribution of acid reflux in gastroesophageal reflux disease patients: Relation with typical symptoms 1-gen-2003 Emerenziani, S; Gabbrielli, A; Cicala, M; Caviglia, R; Guanno, Mpl; Ribolsi, M; Petitti, T; Costamagna, G
Effects of hiatal hernia and of peristaltic dysfunction on intraesophageal distribution of refluxed acid in GERD patients 1-gen-2004 Emerenziani, S; Habib, Fi; Ribolsi, M; Guarino, Mpl; Caviglia, R; Petitti, T; Cicala, M
Ex-vivo autoradiography and FACS-scan analysis demonstration of a specific binding between IL2-receptor positive cells in Crohn's disease gut and I-123-interleukin-2 injected in vivo 1-gen-1998 Biancone, L; Signore, A; Ronga, G; Pozzilli, P; Pallone, F
Expression of GH/IGF-1 Axis Compounds in Moderate-Severe Crohn's Disease: Role of Mucosal Inflammation and Anti TNF-alpha Treatment 1-gen-2011 Annunziata, Ml; Caviglia, R; Micera, A; Papparella, Lg; Cicala, M
Gamma-Delta T lymphocytes in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A marker of disease activity. 1-gen-1992 Frieri, G; Giacomelli, R; Famularo, G; Pizzuto, F; Laurenti, R; Tonietti, G; Caprilli, R
High Resolution Manometry Findings Do Not Predict Bolus Clearance of Saline Swallows in Patients With Non-Obstructive Dysphagia 1-gen-2011 Ribolsi, M; Balestrieri, P; Addarii, Mc; Emerenziani, S; Cicala, M
Human Colonic Smooth Muscle Contractility Following Acute Thermal Cooling 1-gen-2012 Altomare, A; Guarino, Mpl; Gizzi, A; Cocca, S; Cherubini, C; Alloni, R; Filippi, S; Cicala, M
I-123 INTERLEUKIN-2 (I-123-IL-2) SCINTIGRAPHY FOR IN-VIVO DETECTION OF GUT LYMPHOCYTE INFILTRATION IN CROHNS-DISEASE (CD) 1-gen-1995 Biancone, L; Signore, A; Ferretti, E; Ronga, G; Pozzilli, P; Pallone, F
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 38
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