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Use of interferon and medroxyprogesterone acetate for the treatment of endometrial cancer 1-gen-1996 Angioli, R; Sevin, Bu; Untch, M; Kochli, Or; Estape, R; Averette, He
Use of lonidamine to potentiate the effect of cisplatin and carboplatin on platinum resistant human ovarian cancer cells 1-gen-1997 Angioli, R; Janicek, M; Sevin, Bu; Estape, R; Averette, He; Koechli, Or; Untch, M; Penalver, M
p53 interference and growth inhibition in p53-mutant and overexpressing endometrial cancer cell lines 1-gen-1997 Janicek, Mf; Angioli, R; Unal, Ad; Sevin, Bu; Madrigal, M; Estape, R; Averette, He
Gestational trophoblastic disease in a fifty-one year old woman 1-gen-1997 Cantuaria, Ghc; Angioli, R; Messore, M; Estape, R; Penalver, M
Advanced mucinous adenocarcinoma in pregnancy: Ovarian vs. colorectal 1-gen-1997 Angioli, R; Yasin, S; Estape, R; Janicek, M; Adra, A; Sopo, C; Minhaj, M; Penalver, M
Spontaneous left tubal and right interstitial pregnancy - A case report 1-gen-1997 Messore, M; Angioli, R; Cantuaria, G; Penalver, M
Radiation enhancement of Gemcitabine(R) in three human cervical cancer cell lines 1-gen-1997 Wallwiener, D; Kurek, R; Angioli, R; Janicek, M; Penalver, M; Blatter, J; Eble, E; Diel, Ij; Bastert, G; Sevin, Bu
Conservative trends in the surgical management of vulvar cancer: A University of Miami patient care evaluation study 1-gen-1997 Rodriguez, M; Sevin, Bu; Averette, He; Angioli, R; Janicek, M; Method, M; Penalver, A
The Janeway Lecture. Gynecologic oncology in the last quarter century 1-gen-1998 Averette, He; Estape, R; Angioli, R
Management of early and late complications of ileocolonic continent urinary reservoir (Miami pouch) 1-gen-1998 Penalver, Ma; Angioli, R; Mirhashemi, R; Malik, R
Maylard incision for radical hysterectomy and pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection 1-gen-1998 Angioli, R; Koechli, Or; Sevin, Bu
Close vaginal margins as a prognostic factor after radical hysterectomy 1-gen-1998 Estape, Re; Angioli, R; Madrigal, M; Janicek, M; Gomez, C; Penalver, M; Averette, H
Hereditary and sporadic ovarian cancer: Genetic testing and clinical implications (review) 1-gen-1998 Angioli, R; Estape, R; Mason, M; Penalver, M
Urinary complications of Miami pouch: Trend of conservative management 1-gen-1998 Angioli, R; Estape, R; Cantuaria, G; Mirhashemi, R; Williams, H; Martin, J; Penalver, M
Gynecologic oncology in the last quarter century 1-gen-1998 Averette, He; Estape, R; Angioli, R
Significance of intraperitoneal cytology in patients undergoing radical hysterectomy 1-gen-1998 Estape, R; Angioli, R; Wagman, F; Madrigal, M; Janicek, M; Ganjei-Azar, P; Penalver, M; Averette, H
Comparison of bimanual examination with ultrasound examination before hysterectomy for uterine leiomyoma 1-gen-1998 Cantuaria, Ghc; Angioli, R; Frost, L; Duncan, R; Penalver, Ma
Should sacrospinous ligament fixation for the management of pelvic support defects be part of a residency program procedure? The University of Miami experience 1-gen-1998 Penalver, M; Mekki, Y; Lafferty, H; Escobar, M; Angioli, R
Primary malignant melanoma of the uterine cervix: Case report and review of the literature 1-gen-1999 Cantuaria, G; Angioli, R; Nahmias, J; Estape, R; Penalver, M
Primary uterine angiosarcoma 1-gen-1999 Mendez, Le; Joy, S; Angioli, R; Estape, R; Penalver, M
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