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Trends in the management of pelvic abscesses 1-gen-1999 Mirhashemi, R; Schoell, Wmj; Estape, R; Angioli, R; Averette, He
Primary malignant melanoma of the uterine cervix: Case report and review of the literature 1-gen-1999 Cantuaria, G; Angioli, R; Nahmias, J; Estape, R; Penalver, M
Radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer: hysterectomy before pelvic lymphadenectomy or vice versa? 1-gen-1999 Angioli, R; Estape, R; Salom, E; Cantuaria, G; Mirhashemi, R; Mendez, L; Yoo, R; Penalver, M
Evaluation of the Pfannenstiel incision for radical abdominal hysterectomy with pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy 1-gen-1999 Mendez, Le; Cantuaria, G; Angioli, R; Mirhashemi, R; Gabriel, C; Estape, R; Penalver, M
Surgical management of advanced and recurrent cervical cancer 1-gen-1999 Estape, R; Angioli, R
Antitumor activity of a novel glyco-nitric oxide conjugate in ovarian carcinoma 1-gen-2000 Cantuaria, G; Magalhaes, A; Angioli, R; Mendez, L; Mirhashemi, R; Wang, Jq; Wang, P; Penalver, M; Averette, H; Braunschweiger, P
Severe perineal lacerations during vaginal delivery: The University of Miami experience 1-gen-2000 Angioli, R; Gomez-Marin, O; Cantuaria, G; O'Sullivan, Mj
Low colorectal anastomosis after radical pelvic surgery: A risk factor analysis 1-gen-2000 Mirhashemi, R; Averette, He; Estape, R; Angioli, R; Mahran, R; Mendez, L; Cantuaria, G; Penalver, M
Expression of GLUT-1 glucose transporter in borderline and malignant epithelial tumors of the ovary 1-gen-2000 Cantuaria, G; Magalhaes, A; Penalver, M; Angioli, R; Braunschweiger, P; Gomez-Marin, O; Kanhoush, R; Gomez-Fernandez, C; Nadji, M
Integrated therapies for locally advanced cervical carcinoma 1-gen-2001 Panici, Pb; Angioli, R; Cutillo, G; Muzii, L; Congiu, M; Zullo, M; Romanini, E; Manci, N; Croce, C
Urinary diversion in gynecologic oncology 1-gen-2001 Estape, R; Mendez, Le; Angioli, R; Penalver, M
History of gynecologic oncology subspecialty 1-gen-2001 Averette, Hb; Wrennick, A; Angioli, R
GLUT-1 expression in ovarian carcinoma - Association with survival and response to chemotherapy 1-gen-2001 Cantuaria, G; Fagotti, A; Ferrandina, G; Magalhaes, A; Nadji, M; Angioli, R; Penalver, M; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G
Gynecologic oncology - Preface 1-gen-2001 Penalver, M; Mendez, Le; Angioli, R
Radical vaginal hysterectomy - Classic and modified 1-gen-2001 Angioli, R; Martin, J; Heffernan, T; Massi, G
Radical vaginal trachelectomy after supracervical hysterectomy 1-gen-2002 Mendez, Le; Penalver, M; Mccreath, W; Bejarano, P; Angioli, R
Skin relapse from cervical cancer 1-gen-2002 Palaia, I; Angioli, R; Cutillo, G; Manci, N; Panici, Pb
Role of lymphadenectomy in ovarian cancer 1-gen-2002 Panici, Pb; Angioli, R
Continent urinary diversion and low colorectal anastomosis after pelvic exenteration. Quality of life and complication risk 1-gen-2003 Angioli, R; Panici, Pb; Mirhashemi, R; Mendez, L; Cantuaria, G; Basile, S; Penalver, M
Modulation of surgery in early invasive cervical cancer 1-gen-2003 Panici, Pb; Cutillo, G; Angioli, R
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