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The role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by radical surgery in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer 1-gen-2003 Benedetti-Panici, Pl; Zullo, Ma; Muzii, L; Manci, N; Bellati, F; Plotti, F; Basile, S; Angioli, R
Subcutaneous drainage versus no drainage after minilaparotomy in gynecologic benign conditions: A randomized study 1-gen-2003 Panici, Pb; Zullo, Ma; Casalino, B; Angioli, R; Muzii, L
Gynecologic oncology specialty: progressing towards recognition in Europe 1-gen-2003 Panici, Pb; Angioli, R
Systemic therapy for gynecological neoplasms: ovary, cervix and endometrium 1-gen-2003 Pecorelli, S; Angioli, R; Favalli, G; Odicino, F.
Modulation of surgery in early invasive cervical cancer 1-gen-2003 Panici, Pb; Cutillo, G; Angioli, R
Continent urinary diversion and low colorectal anastomosis after pelvic exenteration. Quality of life and complication risk 1-gen-2003 Angioli, R; Panici, Pb; Mirhashemi, R; Mendez, L; Cantuaria, G; Basile, S; Penalver, M
Bowel preparation for gynecological surgery 1-gen-2003 Muzii, L; Angioli, R; Zullo, Ma; Calcagno, M; Panici, Pb
Abstract Gynecologic oncology specialty 1-gen-2004 BENEDETTI-PANICI, P; Angioli, R
Comparative accuracy of markers of tissue level perfusion for predicting follow-up left ventricular function in high risk patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes 1-gen-2004 Bolognese, L; Ducci, Kj; Angioli, R; Falsini, G; Liistro, F; Baldassarre, S; Burali, A
Gynecologic oncology specialty 1-gen-2004 Benedetti-Panici, P; Angioli, R
Long-term bladder function in patients with locally advanced cervical carcinoma treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy and type 3-4 radical hysterectomy 1-gen-2004 Benedetti-Panici, P; Zullo, Ma; Plotti, F; Manci, N; Muzii, L; Angioli, R
Ultrasonographic evaluation of postoperative ovarian cyst formation after laparoscopic excision of endometriomas 1-gen-2004 Muzii, L; Bellati, F; Plotti, F; Manci, N; Palaia, I; Zullo, Ma; Angioli, R; Panici, Pb
Carcinoma ovarico stadio avanzato: chirurgia citoriduttiva 1-gen-2005 Benedetti Panici, P; Angioli, R; Muzii, L; Zullo, Ma; Manci, N; Palaia, I; Calcagno, M; Bellati, F; Plotti, F; Basile, S; De Falco, Cl; Pernice, M; Marullo, E
Chemotherapy For Gynecological Neoplasms: Current Therapy And Novel Approaches (Basic and Clinical Oncology) 1-gen-2005 Angioli, R; PIERLUIGI BENEDETTI, Panici; JOHN J., Kavanagh; Sergio, Pecorelli; Manuel, Penalver.
Response to Morice and Querleu 1-gen-2005 PIERLUIGI BENEDETTI, Panici; Angioli, R; Natalina, Manci; Fabio, Landoni; Angelo, Maggioni; Neville, Hacker; Tiziana, Dellanna; Ronaldo, Fossati.
The unexpected ovarian malignancy found during operative laparoscopy: Incidence, management, and implications for prognosis 1-gen-2005 Muzii, L; Angioli, R; Zullo, M; Panici, Pb
Ringer's lactate solution remains in the peritoneal cavity after laparoscopy longer than expected 1-gen-2005 Muzii, L; Bellati, F; Manci, N; Zullo, Ma; Angioli, R; Panici, Pb
Laparoscopic stripping of endometriomas: a randomized trial on different surgical techniques. Part II: pathological results 1-gen-2005 Muzii, L; Bellati, F; Bianchi, A; Palaia, I; Manci, N; Zullo, Ma; Angioli, R; Panici, Pb
Role of sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure in cervical cancer: a critical point of view 1-gen-2005 Angioli, R; Palaia, I; Cipriani, C; Muzii, L; Calcagno, M; Gullotta, G; Panici, Pb
Tailoring the parametrectomy in stages IA2-IB1 cervical carcinoma: is it feasible and safe? 1-gen-2005 Panici, Pb; Angioli, R; Palaia, I; Muzii, L; Zullo, Ma; Manci, N; Rabitti, C
Mostrati risultati da 61 a 80 di 330
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