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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Dexter Endoscopic Dexterity Trainer improves fibreoptic bronchoscopy skills: preliminary observations. 1-gen-2005 Agrò, Fe; Sena, F; Lobo, E; Scarlata, S; Dardes, N; Barzoi, G.
Difficulty in airway management during sedation of patients affected by obstructive sleep apnea 1-gen-2004 Agro', F; Salvinelli, F; Casale, M; Gherardi, S.
Efficacy of a combined technique using the Trachlight together with direct laryngoscopy under simulated difficult airway conditions in 350 anesthetized patients 1-gen-2002 Agrò, Fe; Benumof, Jl; Carassiti, M; Cataldo, R; Gherardi, S; Barzoi, G
A first report on the diagnosis and treatment of acute postoperative airway obstruction with the CobraPLA 1-gen-2004 Agro, Fe; Carassiti, M; Barzoi, G; Millozzi, F; Galli, B
Lightwand intubation using the Trachlight: a brief review of current knowledge 1-gen-2001 Agro', F; Hung, Or; Cataldo, R; Carassiti, M; Gherardi, S
The lightwand: a useful aid in the difficult tracheostomy 1-gen-2002 Agro', F; Salvinelli, F; Gherardi, S; Casale, M
Management of a patient with Mounier-Kuhn syndrome undergoing repeated general anesthetics 1-gen-2013 Cataldo, R; Galli, B; Proscia, P; Carassiti, M
Nasal intubation with the Trachlight 1-gen-1999 Agro, Fe; Brimacombe, J; Marchionni, L; Carassiti, M; Cataldo, R
Planned lightwand intubation in a patient with a known difficult airway 1-gen-2004 Agro', F; Totonelli, A; Gherardi, S
The ProSeal laryngeal mask airway: fibreoptic visualization of the glottic opening is associated with ease of insertion of the gastric tube 1-gen-2002 Agro', F; Antonelli, S; Cataldo, R; Montecchia, F; Barzoi, G; Petitti, T.
Regional anesthesia for a patient with hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies 1-gen-2007 Carassiti, M; Doyle, Dj; Cataldo, R; Mattei, A; Gallì, B; Agrò, Fe
Relationship between body mass index and ventilation with the Laryngeal Tube((R)) in 228 anesthetized paralyzed patients: a pilot study 1-gen-2002 Agro, Fe; Galli, B; Cataldo, R; Carassiti, M; Barzoi, G; Ravussin, P; Petitti, T
Shikani Flexible Seeing Stylet for intubation via the intubating laryngeal mask airway 1-gen-2005 Agrò, Fe; Antonelli, S; Cataldo, R
Use of a lighted stylet for intubation via the laryngeal mask airway 1-gen-1998 Agro', F; Brimacombe, J; Carassiti, M; Morelli, A; Giampalmo, M; Cataldo, R
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 15 di 15
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