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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Use of fine-needle aspirate calcitonin to detect medullary thyroid carcinoma: A systematic review 1-gen-2016 Trimboli, P; Guidobaldi, L; Bongiovanni, M; Crescenzi, A; Alevizaki, M; Giovanella, L.
Use of FloSeal (R) in the endovascular treatment of voluminous aneurysm of a lower gluteus artery 1-gen-2010 Benedetto, F; Passari, G; Stilo, F; La Spada, M; Cotroneo, A; Lentini, S; Spinelli, F
Use of freeze-drying technology for the study of renal biopsies 1-gen-1990 ONETTI MUDA, A; Crescenzi, A; Mercorella, I; Faraggiana, T; Marinozzi, V
Use of GlideScope (R) in adults: an overview 1-gen-2015 Agro', F; Doyle, Dj; Vennari, M
The use of hyaluronic acid as a support of two different micronized biomaterials in crestal sinus lift procedures. A report on two case studies with volume comparison 1-gen-2017 Lopez, M. A.; Casale, M; Candotto, V; Papalia, R; Bressi, F; Carinci, F.
The use of hyaluronic acid in the treatment of ankle osteoarthritis: A review of the evidence 1-gen-2017 Papalia, R; Albo, E; Russo, F; Tecame, A; Torre, G; Sterzi, S; Bressi, F; Denaro, V.
The use of hyaluronic acid in the treatment of shoulder capsulitis: a systematic review 1-gen-2017 Papalia, R; Tecame, A; Vadalà, G; Russo, F; Perna, M; Papalia, G; Bressi, F; Sterzi, S; Denaro, V.
Use of interferon and medroxyprogesterone acetate for the treatment of endometrial cancer 1-gen-1996 Angioli, R; Sevin, Bu; Untch, M; Kochli, Or; Estape, R; Averette, He
Use of intravenous bisphosphonates in osteoporosis. 1-gen-2007 Civitelli, Roberto; Napoli, N; Armamento-Villareal, Reina
Use of liposome encapsulated doxorubicin citrate (LEDC) as a valid drug in patients affected by ovarian cancer suffering from chemotherapy side-effects 1-gen-2012 Angelucci, M; Plotti, F; Muzii, L; Terranova, C; Nardone, Cd; Montera, R; Damiani, P; Cafa, Ev; Dugo, N; Guzzo, F; Ricciardi, R; Aloisi, A; Luvero, D; Miranda, A; Capriglione, S; Lopez, S; Scaletta, G; Linciano, F; Panici, Pb; Angioli, R
Use of lonidamine to potentiate the effect of cisplatin and carboplatin on platinum resistant human ovarian cancer cells 1-gen-1997 Angioli, R; Janicek, M; Sevin, Bu; Estape, R; Averette, He; Koechli, Or; Untch, M; Penalver, M
Use of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices in End-Stage Heart Failure Patients 1-gen-2014 Loforte, Antonio; Musumeci, Francesco; Montalto, Andrea; Pilato, Emanuele; Lilla Della Monica, Paola; Grigioni, Francesco; Di Bartolomeo, Roberto; Marinelli, Giuseppe
Use of molten nitrates heat carriers in the solar steam reforming of methane 1-gen-2008 Giaconia, A; DE FALCO, M; Caputo, G; Grena, R; Tarquini, P; Marrelli, L
Use of Motivational Interviewing in Older Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions and Their Informal Caregivers: A Scoping Review 1-gen-2023 Albanesi, B.; Piredda, M.; Dimonte, V.; De Marinis, M. G.; Matarese, M.
Use of music to reduce anxiety during office hysteroscopy: prospective randomized trial 1-gen-2014 Angioli, R; Nardone, Cd; Plotti, F; Cafa, Ev; Dugo, N; Damiani, P; Ricciardi, R; Linciano, F; Terranova, C
use of nonabsorbable staples for urinary diversion: a step in the wrong direction 1-gen-2012 Suriano, F; Daneshmand, S; Buscarini, M
The use of novel hemostatic sealant (Tisseel (R)) in laparoscopic myomectomy: a case-control study 1-gen-2012 Angioli, R; Plotti, F; Ricciardi, R; Terranova, C; Zullo, Ma; Damiani, P; Montera, R; Guzzo, F; Scaletta, G; Muzii, L
Use of oligoprobes on amplified DNA in the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis 1-gen-1999 Dicuonzo, G; Lorino, G; Lilli, D; Rivanera, D; Guarino, P; Angeletti, S; Gherardi, G; Candida, S; Filadoro, F
The use of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery (CS) for peritoneal carcinomatosis of ovarian origin 1-gen-2010 De Tursi, M; Salvatorelli, E; Carella, C; Bianco, N; Massari, R; Sacco, R; Menna, P; Minotti, G; Iacobelli, S
Mostrati risultati da 15.932 a 15.951 di 16.444
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