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Defining quality of life: a wild-goose chase?, file de024af2-01ff-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
Interventions to prevent and reduce work-related musculoskeletal injuries and pain among healthcare professionals. A comprehensive systematic review of the literature, file 8b3a6494-d308-4f32-8c88-c55e0f66bd79 4
Valenza etica del nursing, file de024af2-0011-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Prevalence, incidence and associated factors of pressure ulcers in home palliative care patients: a retrospective chart review, file de024af2-044c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
L'attività fisica per il miglioramento dell'autonomia funzionale-Physical activity improves the functional autonomy in eldery, file de024af2-0613-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Scientific Evidence for Non-Pharmacological Management of the Main Side-Effects of Antineoplastic Drugs in Colorectal Cancer Patients. [Evidenze scientifiche per la gestione non farmacologica dei principali effetti collaterali della terapia antineoplastica nei pazienti con cancro colon-rettale], file de024af2-089b-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Factors influencing the perception of protective isolation in patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A multicentre prospective study, file de024af2-157e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Development and psychometric testing of a new instrument to measure the caring behaviour of nurses in italian acute care settings, file de024af2-1996-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Psychological approaches for the integrative care of chronic low back pain: A systematic review and metanalysis, file de024af2-bac9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Palliative care organization and staffing models in residential hospices: Which makes the difference?, file de024af2-c1a2-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
The Care Dependency Scale: A cross validation study in inpatients with cancer, file de024af2-c1a9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Development and Initial Validation of the Adolescents' Ageism Toward Older Adults Scale, file de024af2-c4f6-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Stem cell transplantation patients receiving a novel oral care protocol for oral mucositis prevention and treatment: patient-reported outcomes and quality of life, file de024af2-c7a6-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Meeting information needs on cancer-related fatigue: an exploration of views held by Italian patients and nurses, file de024af1-fe23-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Aspetti metodologici della valutazione infermieristica, file de024af2-00c7-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
La formazione del tutore clinico: l'esperienza del III Corso di Perfezionamento presso l'Università Campus Bio-Medico, file de024af2-011c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Aspetti metodologici della valutazione, file de024af2-01b3-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Adherence to oral endocrine therapy in women with breast cancer: a mixed method study, file de024af2-0477-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Palliative care education in undergraduate nursing curriculum in Italy, file de024af2-04a5-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Il mobbing nel mondo infermieristico: uno studio sul territorio romano- Mobbing in nursing workplace: a survey on the Rome territory, file de024af2-0543-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Psychometric testing of the Caring Behaviors Inventory for nursing students, file de024af2-05f1-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Risk factors for a difficult intravenous access: a multicentre study comparing nurses' beliefs to evidence, file de024af2-06ce-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Validazione italiana del Frommelt Attitudes Toward Care of the Dying Scale form B (FACTOD Form B-I) per la valutazione degli atteggaimenti verso l’assistenza di fine vita. Italian validation of the Frommelt Attitudes Toward Care of the Dying Scale form B (FACTOD Form B), file de024af2-087c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Effectiveness of implementing link nurses and audits and feedback to improve nurses' compliance with standard precautions: A cluster randomized controlled trial, file de024af2-08a5-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Conoscenze sulla bronchite cronica ostruttiva nei pazienti e nei loro caregiver [Patients and caregivers' knowledge of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], file de024af2-096b-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Finding meaning in life: an exploration on the experiences with dependence on care of patients with advanced cancer and nurses caring for them, file de024af2-09c2-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Adherence to Oral Administration of Endocrine Treatment in Patients With Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study, file de024af2-1390-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Experiences of compliance with standard precautions during emergencies: A qualitative study of nurses working in intensive care units, file de024af2-1412-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Information before discharge in geriatric patients in Italy: cultural adaptation and validation of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire, file de024af2-15f9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Discharge of older patients with chronic diseases: What nurses do and what they record. An observational study, file de024af2-16bf-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Analisi di un modello curriculare per la formazione infermieristica superiore, file de024af2-18e9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Development and psychometric testing of the care dependence perception questionnaire, file de024af2-192e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Survey on learning needs and preferred sources of information to meet these needs in Italian oncology patients receiving chemotherapy, file de024af2-4457-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Defining quality of life: a wild-goose chase?, file de024af2-48eb-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Continuity of care interventions for preventing hospital readmission of older people with chronic diseases: A meta-analysis, file de024af2-5355-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Delirium in older patients: a diagnostic study of NEECHAM Confusion Scale in surgical intensive care unit, file de024af2-6295-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Information before discharge in geriatric patients in Italy: cultural adaptation and validation of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire, file de024af2-7e7c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Information before discharge in geriatric patients in Italy: cultural adaptation and validation of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire, file de024af2-7e7d-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
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