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Surface functionalization of polyurethane scaffolds mimicking the myocardial microenvironment to support cardiac primitive cells, file de024af2-0752-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 11
A Soft Zwitterionic Hydrogel as Potential Coating on a Polyimide Surface to Reduce Foreign Body Reaction to Intraneural Electrodes, file 244a823a-44b3-48c3-a939-ceb4a7f4593a 8
Textural and structural properties and surface acidity characterization of mesoporous silica-zirconia molecular sieves RID B-6186-2008 RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0a4f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 6
Old myths, new concerns: the long-term effects of ascending aorta replacement with dacron grafts. not all that glitters is gold, file de024af2-0997-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
Hybrid organic-inorganic materials prepared by assembling of Si-based nanobuilding blocks, file de024af2-1167-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
Current trends in the design of scaffolds for computer-aided tissue engineering, file de024af2-2f4a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
The long-term follow-up of large-diameter Dacron (R) vascular grafts in surgical practice: a review, file de024af2-b9c5-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
Combining electrospinning and fused deposition modeling for the fabrication of multilayered vascular grafts, file de024af2-0028-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 4
CytoMatrix for a reliable and simple characterization of lung cancer stem cells from malignant pleural effusions, file de024af2-0ca1-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 4
Electrospun hydroxyapatite-functionalized PLLA scaffold: potential applications in sternal bone healing, file de024af2-1595-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 4
MESNA for chemically assisted tissue dissection, file de024af2-72a9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 4
Implantation of a Poly-L-Lactide GCSF-Functionalized Scaffold in a Model of Chronic Myocardial Infarction., file de024af1-fe13-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Computationally informed design of a multi-axial actuated microfluidic chip device, file de024af1-ff74-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Proton-Conducting Electrolytes Based on Silylated and Sulfonated Polyetheretherketone: Synthesis and Characterization RID E-4547-2011, file de024af2-00ab-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Electrospinning of PCL/PVP blends for tissue engineering scaffolds, file de024af2-0258-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Combined additive manufacturing approaches in tissue engineering, file de024af2-02bd-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Load-adaptive scaffold architecturing: A bioinspired approach to the design of porous additively manufactured scaffolds with optimized mechanical properties, file de024af2-064f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Graded porous polyurethane foam: A potential scaffold for oro-maxillary bone regeneration, file de024af2-06da-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
A primer of statistical methods for correlating parameters and properties of electrospun poly(L-lactide) scaffolds for tissue engineering--PART 2: regression, file de024af2-06fb-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
A primer of statistical methods for correlating parameters and properties of electrospun poly(L-lactide) scaffolds for tissue engineering-PART 1: Design of experiments, file de024af2-078f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Fabrication of bioactive glass-ceramic foams mimicking human bone portions for regenerative medicine, file de024af2-0a02-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Quercetin and hydroxytyrosol as modulators of hepatic steatosis: A NAFLD-on-a-chip study, file de024af2-0f16-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Pluronic F127 Hydrogel Characterization and Biofabrication in Cellularized Constructs for Tissue Engineering Applications, file de024af2-116b-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Current trends in the design of scaffolds for computer-aided tissue engineering, file de024af2-1497-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Investigating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in a liver-on-a-chip microfluidic device, file de024af2-14ef-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Polyurethane-based scaffolds for myocardial tissue engineering, file de024af2-1979-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
The effect of post-mastectomy radiation therapy on breast implants: Unveiling biomaterial alterations with potential implications on capsular contracture, file de024af2-1980-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Current trends in the design of scaffolds for computer-aided tissue engineering, file de024af2-2f49-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Dermal filler complications from unknown biomaterials: identification by attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy, file de024af2-5f91-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Textured and smooth breast implants: is there a difference in the chemical structure of silicone? An analysis with Fourier transformation infrared and attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy, file de024af2-6f82-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Cells and extracellular matrix interplay in cardiac valve disease: because age matters, file de024af2-7435-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Optimization Approaches for the Design of Additively Manufactured Scaffolds, file de024af2-a80f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 3
Hyaluronic Acid-Polyethyleneimine Nanogels for Controlled Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment, file 376e08ec-cd5b-43c0-8c12-866f2f6ce0e2 2
SPPSU-based hybrid proton conducting polymeric electrolytes for intermediate temperature PEMFCs RID E-4547-2011, file de024af1-feda-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Preparation and characterisation of histidine- and iron-histidine- alpha-zirconium phosphate intercalation compounds. Catalytic behaviour of the iron derivatives in oxidation reactions with H2O2, file de024af1-fedb-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
FT-IR studies on light olefin skeletal isomerization catalysis III. Surface acidity and activity of amorphous and crystalline catalysts belonging to the SiO(2)-Al(2)O(3) system RID A-1095-2008, file de024af1-fee5-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization of alumina-titania mixed oxide supports. Part I: TiO2-based supports, file de024af1-fef7-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Electrospun scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, file de024af1-ff12-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Tissue engineering and microRNAs: future perspectives in regenerative medicine, file de024af1-ff6e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Heparin-releasing scaffold for stem cells: a differentiating device for vascular aims, file de024af1-fff6-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Drug releasing systems in cardiovascular tissue engineering, file de024af2-0013-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Poly-L-lactic acid/hydroxyapatite electrospun nanocomposites induce chondrogenic differentiation of human MSC, file de024af2-0035-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Comparative study of different techniques for the sterilization of poly-L-lactide electrospun microfibers: effectiveness vs. material degradation, file de024af2-00aa-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
SPEEK/PPSU-based organic-inorganic membranes: proton conducting electrolytes in anhydrous and wet environments RID E-4547-2011, file de024af2-00ad-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
A covalent organic/inorganic hybrid proton exchange polymeric membrane: synthesis and characterization, file de024af2-00ae-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Siloxane-based nanobuilding blocks by reaction between silanediol and trifunctional silicon alkoxides, file de024af2-00af-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
ATR-FTIR spectroscopic study of the effect of ceramic addition in novel ionoconductor gels for biomedical applications in space, file de024af2-00b0-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
A study of the surface acidity of acid-treated montmorillonite clay catalysts, file de024af2-00b2-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Surface acidity modifications induced by thermal treatments and acid leaching on microcrystalline H-BEA zeolite. A FTIR, XRD and MAS-NMR study RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-00b3-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
An investigation of the surface acidity of mesoporous Al-containing MCM-41 and of the external surface of ferrierite through pivalonitrile adsorption RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-00b4-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
FT-IR studies on light olefin skeletal isomerization catalysis .1. The interaction of C4 olefins and alcohols with pure gamma-alumina RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-00c0-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Preliminary in vivo evaluation of a hybrid armored vascular graft combining electrospinning and additive manufacturing techniques, file de024af2-018e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization of age-related changes of tendon stem cells from adult human tendons, file de024af2-024e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Biological response of human mesenchymal stromal cells to titanium grade 4 implants coated with PCL/ZrO2 hybrid materials synthesized by sol-gel route: in vitro evaluation, file de024af2-026e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Electrospinning of hydroxyapatite-chitosan nanofibers for tissue engineering applications, file de024af2-026f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Classification of M1/M2-polarized human macrophages by label-free hyperspectral reflectance confocal microscopy and multivariate analysis, file de024af2-03be-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Engineering muscle cell alignment through 3D bioprinting, file de024af2-047d-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization of alumina–titania mixed oxide supports Part II: Al2O3-based supports, file de024af2-051a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Ammonia adsorption and oxidation on Cu/Mg/Al mixed oxide catalysts prepared via hydrotalcite-type precursors, file de024af2-057a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
ATR-FTIR and NMR spectroscopic studies on the structure of polymeric gel electrolytes for biomedical applications, file de024af2-05c4-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
As to the reasons of the high activity of a commercial pentasil-type zeolite in the vapor-phase Fries rearrangement RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-05c5-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
FTIR study of the interaction of some branched aliphatic molecules with the external and internal sites of H-ZSM5 zeolite RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-05c6-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
A G-CSF functionalized scaffold for stem cells seeding: a differentiating device for cardiac purposes, file de024af2-0683-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Bioactive electrospun scaffold for annulus fibrosus repair and regeneration, file de024af2-0684-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
IR study of alkene allylic activation on magnesium ferrite and alumina catalysts RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0717-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Scaffold-based delivery of a clinically relevant anti-angiogenic drug promotes the formation of in vivo stable cartilage, file de024af2-0773-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
The role of extracellular matrix in age-related conduction disorders: a forgotten player?, file de024af2-0816-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Simple fabrication technique for multilayered stratified composite scaffolds suitable for interface tissue engineering, file de024af2-081e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Functionalization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) surface with lactose-modified chitosan via alkaline hydrolysis: ToF-SIMS characterization, file de024af2-0837-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization of silica-containing aluminum hydroxide and oxide aerogels RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0843-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
FT-IR studies on light olefin skeletal isomerization catalysis .2. The interaction of C4 olefins and alcohols with HZSM5 zeolite RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0844-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Preoperative assessment of TERT promoter mutation on thyroid core needle biopsies supports diagnosis of malignancy and addresses surgical strategy, file de024af2-086a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
null, file de024af2-092f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
An FT-IR study of the reactivity of hydrocarbons on the acid sites of HZSM5 zeolite RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0993-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Proton Conducting Hybrid Membranes Based on Aromatic Polymers Blends for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications RID E-4547-2011, file de024af2-0a4e-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
On the characterization of the external acid sites of ferrierite and other zeolites: A reply to Pieterse et al. RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-0a50-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Correlation between porous texture and cell seeding efficiency of gas foaming and microfluidic foaming scaffolds, file de024af2-0b22-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Tuning structural changes in glucose oxidase for enzyme fuel cell applications, file de024af2-0b9a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Additive Manufacturing of Pluronic/Alginate Composite Thermogels for Drug and Cell Delivery, file de024af2-0ed0-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Electrospinning and microfluidics: An integrated approach for tissue engineering and cancer, file de024af2-0f90-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Naturally derived proteins and glycosaminoglycan scaffolds for tissue engineering applications, file de024af2-10df-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Development of new ceramic doped ionoconducting membranes for biomedical applications, file de024af2-10ea-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
A biomimetic three-layered compartmented scaffold for vascular tissue engineering, file de024af2-115f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Combining type I interferons and 5-Aza-2'-deoxycitidine to improve anti-tumor response against melanoma, file de024af2-122c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Sulphonated poly ether ether ketone/amino-diphenylsilandiol composite electrolyte for PEM fuel cells, file de024af2-12e4-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Microfluidic-enhanced 3D bioprinting of aligned myoblast-laden hydrogels leads to functionally organized myofibers in vitro and in vivo, file de024af2-1416-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Hybrid siloxane-based nano building blocks for optical applications: Optimization of the synthetic procedures by spectroscopic analysis, file de024af2-1506-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Hybrid organic/inorganic materials for photonic applications via assembling of nanostructured molecular units, file de024af2-15f8-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
A simple new route to covalent organic/inorganic hybrid proton exchange polymeric membranes RID E-4547-2011, file de024af2-17fd-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Hybrid organic-inorganic films by assembling of Si-Zr-based nanobuilding blocks RID D-5301-2009, file de024af2-17fe-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
An FT-IR study of the adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons and of 2,6-lutidine on H-FER and H-ZSM-5 zeolites RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-17ff-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Development of a new bioartificial liver using a porcine autologous biomatrix as hepatocyte support, file de024af2-1800-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Morphological and Molecular Assessment in Thyroid Cytology Using Cell-Capturing Scaffolds, file de024af2-1829-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization and composition of commercial V2O5-WO3-TiO2 SCR catalysts RID A-1095-2008, file de024af2-18e0-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Hyaluronan: An overview, file de024af2-190f-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Characterization of coprecipitated aluminium-chromium mixed hydroxides and of the products of their calcination, file de024af2-1947-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
In situ electrostimulation drives a regenerative shift in the zone of infarcted myocardium, file de024af2-1956-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Heparin-releasing scaffold for stem cells: a differentiating device for vascular aims, file de024af2-3208-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Classification of M1/M2-polarized human macrophages by label-free hyperspectral reflectance confocal microscopy and multivariate analysis, file de024af2-4110-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Polyurethane-based scaffolds for myocardial tissue engineering, file de024af2-605a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
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