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Easy Intra-Operative Localization of Pulmonary Nodules during Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy: Experience with Hydrogel Plugs at Our Institution, file eeadf6d1-ffda-4808-9d1a-9890cdb7db20 6
Multipoint temperature monitoring of microwave thermal ablation in bones through fiber bragg grating sensor arrays, file de024af2-9dcf-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 5
Temperature Monitoring During Microwave Thermal Ablation of Ex Vivo Bovine Bone: a Pilot Test, file 182a4d37-5279-43d5-80bf-d2f2ec726d79 3
The impact of tumor edema on T2-weighted 3T-MRI invasive breast cancer histological characterization: A pilot radiomics study, file 801bb3cd-7f09-4c6a-89ee-ec2fd95c2d1a 3
Evaluation of the Thermal Response of Liver Tissue Undergoing Microwave Treatment by Means of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors, file e789de3e-bdc3-4746-b38f-8c08ca6d6140 3
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of a bleeding pseudoaneurysm during CT-guided renal cancer treatment. A case report, file 61177dea-711b-43be-ae05-16ae00beba44 2
Cryoablation of lung malignancies recurring close to surgical clips following surgery: report of three cases, file 6c57ea02-c0b3-462a-8d79-db64518bdf48 2
Combined trans-arterial embolisation and microwave ablation for the treatment of large unresectable hepatic metastases (> 3 cm in maximal diameter), file 7f36e73e-9699-4d5d-af40-afcf0d884a97 2
Differentiation of normal neoplastic bone tissue in dynamic gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: validation of semiautomated technique, file de024af2-19ab-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Imaging of renal medullary carcinoma, file de024af2-45f9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Percutaneous lung biopsies: performance of an optical CT-based navigation system with a low-dose protocol, file de024af2-6280-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Diffusion-weighted lesions after carotid artery stenting are associated with cognitive impairment, file de024af2-6afd-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
MR imaging of rectal cancer before and after chemoradiation therapy, file de024af2-7865-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Temperature Monitoring During Microwave Thermal Ablation of Ex Vivo Bovine Bone: a Pilot Test, file de68cb8e-7944-4413-b150-83c0b98607d6 2
Reversible Electrochemotherapy (ECT) as a Treatment Option for Local RCC Recurrence in Solitary Kidney, file e1819cc9-de3a-475e-8cc2-9ce9a3deab63 2
Interventional radiologist's perspective on the management of bone metastatic disease, file fa4ea72f-b05a-4e4f-806c-923b6bcb925c 2
Impact of an Augmented Reality Navigation System (SIRIO) on Bone Percutaneous Procedures: A Comparative Analysis with Standard CT-Guided Technique, file 03831355-7749-4304-bfdf-858840c926f0 1
Bilateral transrenal ureteral occlusion by means of n-butyl cyanoacrylate and AMPLATZER vascular plug, file 216a5bb6-00e9-4fa2-aa2b-744661df2370 1
Percutaneous lung biopsy: comparison between an augmented reality CT navigation system and standard CT-guided technique, file 38da09e0-a02e-4c59-81ce-92d884f0cc05 1
Lung thermal ablation: Comparison between an augmented reality computed tomography (ct) 3d navigation system (sirio) and standard ct-guided technique, file 46fc7afa-65db-456c-9883-e16717c47616 1
Investigation of the Heat Sink Effect during Microwave Ablation in Hepatic Tissue: Experimental and Numerical Analysis, file 676e3f91-a558-4bd0-bcf6-ed6fb4560511 1
Percutaneous low-dose CT-guided lung biopsy with an augmented reality navigation system: validation of the tecnique on 496 suspected lesions, file 965f08ef-4994-474d-a597-1cc6b703a462 1
Posterior pelvic floor disorders: a prospective comparison using introital ultrasound and colpocystodefecography, file de024af1-ffb1-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Direct magnetic resonance (MR) shoulder arthrography: posterior approach under ultrasonographic guidance and abduction (PAUGA), file de024af2-017b-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Valutazione della funzionalità renale mediante impiego di basse dosi di mezzo di contrasto paramagnetico [Assessment of renal function using low doses of paramagnetic contrast media], file de024af2-0b5b-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in patients selectes for radical cystectomy: detection rate of pelvic lymph node metastases, file de024af2-1456-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Pulmonary arteriovenous fistulae and brain abscesses: a report of 2 cases treated by embolization and a review of the literature, file de024af2-14d8-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Ultrasound guided versus direct vein puncture in central venous port placement., file de024af2-15c1-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Pancreatic arteriovenous malformation involving the duodenum embolized with ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (Onyx)., file de024af2-20c4-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Pancreatic arteriovenous malformation involving the duodenum embolized with ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (Onyx)., file de024af2-2564-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Analysis of histological findings obtained combining US/mp-MRI fusion-guided biopsies with systematic US biopsies: mp-MRI role in prostate cancer detection and false negative, file de024af2-7f36-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 1
Augmented reality 3D navigation system for percutaneous CT-guided pulmonary ground-glass opacity biopsies: a comparison with the standard CT-guided technique, file f2dc169a-4eeb-485c-ab88-4799a5012b11 1
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