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Robotic treatment of the upper limb in chronic stroke and cerebral neuroplasticity: a systematic review, file e693049c-b1af-4e26-ba9d-9314886cbab5 12
Restoring Tactile sensations via neural interfaces for real-time force-and-slippage closed-loop control of bionic hands, file de024af2-14b9-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 7
Combining Robot-Assisted Gait Training and Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation in Chronic Stroke Patients: A Systematic Review, file eb99f4d4-dadb-4cfa-99cc-49a425cbf2fa 7
The effectiveness of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder: a systematic review and meta-analysis [L’efficacia della terapia extracorporea con onde d’urto (ESWT) nella capsulite adesiva di spalla: revisione sistematica della letteratura e meta-analisi], file 1dde3084-db3e-4a4b-8403-cf92718da309 5
Validity analysis of walker view™ instrumented treadmill for measuring spatiotemporal and kinematic gait parameters, file 346a7199-10a7-4bd1-b837-00a52ae11e7e 5
Effects of robotic upper limb treatment after stroke on cognitive patterns: A systematic review, file c507fa74-017f-470d-90cd-1e1bbdd23bd2 5
Criteria for Return-to-Play (RTP) after Rotator Cuff Surgery: A Systematic Review of Literature, file 12eb10b1-8b62-4c86-bcad-aa7d71fbb1f4 4
Supervised versus unsupervised rehabilitation following total knee arthroplasty: A systematic review and meta-analysis, file 6d71cd24-215e-4c66-aec3-d2f154ef661d 4
Interventions to prevent and reduce work-related musculoskeletal injuries and pain among healthcare professionals. A comprehensive systematic review of the literature, file 8b3a6494-d308-4f32-8c88-c55e0f66bd79 4
A multi-parametric wearable system to monitor neck movements and respiratory frequency of computer workers, file de024af2-912a-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 4
Effects of robotic upper limb treatment after stroke on cognitive patterns: A systematic review, file 6490f429-c627-41b1-841f-d563406e1251 3
A wearable device based on a fiber bragg grating sensor for low back movements monitoring, file a9c6c10e-3286-4d6b-89a7-2be279c09912 3
Rehabilitation after Hip Fracture Surgery: A Survey on Italian Physiotherapists’ Knowledge and Adherence to Evidence-Based Practice, file b0bd753a-9450-4862-81b5-70f4ed3c48b6 3
Validation and assessment of a posture measurement system with magneto-inertial measurement units, file bfcc860b-e7a5-4962-8a8b-6e10e9683186 3
Patient-tailored Adaptive Control for Robot-aided Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, file 0dd33536-3b40-4db2-8924-5a6a0bf3e911 2
Preliminary analysis on the cervicothoracic angular velocity during forward bending and backward return task, file 7b45ab31-ba85-4e97-a873-2dc1aee9a3a4 2
Robot-Assisted Upper Limb Training for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Review of Clinical Applications and Effectiveness, file 936af3a1-a2c7-4940-984b-de5dd463efc5 2
Combining robotic training and non-invasive brain stimulation in severe upper limb-impaired chronic stroke patients, file de024af2-0a4c-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Literature Review on the Effects of tDCS Coupled with Robotic Therapy in Post Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation, file de024af2-0e84-70dc-e053-6605fe0a0424 2
Central and peripheral neuromuscular adaptations to ageing, file de4747a3-b60e-4e04-8459-4decf6c4db1b 2
Perceptive rehabilitation and trunk posture alignment in patients with Parkinson disease: a single blind randomized controlled trial, file e1ae42ff-c06b-4bda-af07-7053746a7dbb 2
A Smart Solution for Proprioceptive Rehabilitation through M-IMU Sensors, file ed8e4c0a-129d-4d88-8a89-aecfdc4cad6e 2
Robotic hand treatment of patients affected by chronic stroke: A monocentric longitudinal pilot study, file 37404b9e-9b6d-4615-876c-1d5725ffa52c 1
Rehabilitation of patients with bone metastatic disease, file 3c74ba02-1cde-410e-b027-861b285c5637 1
Use of wearable systems for the detection of chest-abdominal wall movement aimed at respiratory monitoring in sport: a scoping review on available data, file 74c60cbd-fc81-49fe-bd86-b874dcb7750e 1
A Triple Application of Kinesio Taping Supports Rehabilitation Program for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: a Randomized Controlled Trial, file 7ca861d5-20c3-43ad-b25b-f02c93f4bcb8 1
Treatment of the Paretic Hand with a Robotic Glove Combined with Physiotherapy in a Patient Suffering from Traumatic Tetraparesis: A Case Report, file 9cd0ccf3-ed65-4789-a4a2-4ba0e7d4eef5 1
The effectiveness of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on breast cancer-related lymphedema: A literature review, file dd4e06e1-7a9a-49f5-940c-c69f6011af08 1
Upper limb home-based robotic rehabilitation in chronic stroke patients: A pilot study, file e5ff90fc-f736-4b56-85ac-5d40676c1a4c 1
Robotic-Assisted Hand Therapy with Gloreha Sinfonia for the Improvement of Hand Function after Pediatric Stroke: A Case Report, file f0faaaea-98f6-407e-aa0a-e8f34caa3c38 1
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