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Nome #
The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: A Retrospective Review of 5000 Treatments 44
Outcome of Quality of Life for Women Undergoing Autologous versus Alloplastic Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 40
Direct-To-Implant, Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction: A Single-Surgeon Experience with 201 Consecutive Patients 26
"Anchor-line" abdominoplasty: a comprehensive approach to abdominal wall reconstruction and body contouring 18
Emulation of the Midface Lift with Smiling in Patients with Negative Inferior Eyelid Vector 14
Patient-reported outcome measures following gynecomastia correction: a systematic review 10
Italian Linguistic Validation of the FACE-Q Instrument. 7
The Role of Predictability in the Choice of the Type of Breast Reconstruction 7
How to assess appearance distress and motivation in plastic surgery candidates: Italian validation of Derriford Appearance Scale 59 (DAS 59) 6
Analysis of outcomes and patient’s satisfaction following monolateral and bilateral mastectomy using BREAST-Q 6
Gynecomastia after massive weight loss: Reshaping with intercostal perforator flaps 6
Delayed Mastopexy Following Breast-Conserving Surgery and Radiation Therapy: A Case–Control Study to Evaluate Safety and Versatility of the Central Mound Technique 6
Linguistic validation of the "FACE-Q Rhinoplasty Module" in Italian 5
The Importance of Patient Satisfaction: A Blessing, a Curse, or Simply Irrelevant? 5
Ten years experience with breast reconstruction after salvage mastectomy in previously irradiated patients: analysis of outcomes, satisfaction and well-being 5
Breast reconstruction in obese and exobese patients 5
Impact on Patient’s Appearance Perception of Autologous and Implant Based Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy Using BREAST-Q 5
Can Morphing Influence the Patient's Decision to Undergo Surgery 5
Breast hypertrophy and asymmetry: a retrospective study on a sample of 344 consecutive patients. 4
Evidence-based medicine in plastic surgery. 4
A systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures following transsexual surgery 4
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Used in Gender Confirmation Surgery: A Systematic Review. 4
Management of contralateral breast following mastectomy and breast reconstruction using a mirror adjustment with crescent mastopexy technique. 4
Rhinoplasty in elderly patients: analysis of outcomes and patient’s satisfaction following 20 years experiences 4
Analysis of long-term outcomes following immediate breast reconstruction using different types of lower pole support 4
Patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes following 414 breast reductions: application of BREAST-Q. 4
Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the BODY-Q into Italian 4
Analysis of Symmetry Stability Following Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction and Contralateral Management in 582 Patients with Long-Term Outcomes. 4
Direct-to-implant versus two-stage tissue expander/implant reconstruction: 2-year risks and patient-reported outcomes from a prospective, multicenter study 4
La responsabilità del chirurgo plastico ed estetico 4
Quale estetica per la medicina? Un inquadramento teoretico 4
Innovative Technique to Improve Chest Shape following Gynecomastia Correction in Post-Bariatric Surgery Patients 4
Quality of Life after Face Transplantation: Outcomes, Assessment Tools, and Future Directions. 4
Prospective Analysis of Satisfaction by Means of BREASTQ in 156 Patients Who Underwent Breast Reduction. 4
Predictive Factors of Satisfaction Following Breast Reconstruction: Do they Influence Patients? 4
Beauty is not perfection: what Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine can suggest to aesthetic surgery 4
Definition of "Gender Angle" in Caucasian Population. 4
In Constant Search of "Like": How Technology and Social Media Influence the Perception of our Body 4
Rhinoplasty on Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome Patient 4
Can philosophical aesthetics be useful for plastic surgery? The subjective, objective and relational view of beauty 3
Primary amyloidosis of the eyelid: a case report 3
Patients satisfaction following cosmetic procedures: the role of App-Pain. 3
Role of Rhinoplasty in Transsexual Patients. 3
A systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures after rhinoplasty 3
Ethics and Plastic Surgery/What is Plastic Surgery? 3
Nasal aesthetics: a cross-cultural analysis. 3
Appearance distress and dysfunction in the elderly: international contrasts across Italy and the UK using DAS59 3
Comparative Study Using Autologous Fat Grafts Plus Platelet-Rich Plasma With or Without Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Treatment of Acne Scars: Analysis of Outcomes and Satisfaction With FACE-Q 3
Mastopexy on Reconstructed Breast Following Massive Weight Loss: An Innovative Technique Using Dermo-Capsular Flaps. 3
How You Become Who You Are: A New Concept of Beauty for Plastic Surgery 3
Quality-of-life outcomes between mastectomy alone and breast reconstruction: comparison of patient-reported BREAST-Q and other health-related quality-of-life measures. 3
Cutaneous Lymphoadenoma: a rare clinicopathological entity 3
Pilot study about the relationship between body perception and sexuality using the DAS59 3
FACE-Q Scales for Health-Related Quality of Life, Early Life Impact, Satisfaction with Outcomes, and Decision to Have Treatment: Development and Validation. 3
Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix in Breast Surgery: our experience and analysis of satisfaction using BREAST-Q. 3
Evaluation of Glandular Liposculpture as a Single Treatment for Grades I and II Gynecomastia. 3
Implant breast reconstruction after salvage mastectomy in previously irradiated patients 3
The imperfect beauty 3
Midface Lift Plus Lipofilling Preferential in Patients with Negative Lower Eyelid Vectors: A Randomized Controlled Trial 3
Influence of Thoracic Malformation on the Muscular Anatomy of the Abdomen: Our Experience 3
COVID-19 pandemic and the social effects on clinic and scientific research: the “human factor” 3
The Role of Skin Thickness in the Choice of a Rhinoplasty Technique for Thin-Skinned Patients: Analysis of Long-Term Results and Patient Satisfaction 3
Role of spreader flaps in rhinoplasty: analysis of patients undergoing correction for severe septal deviation with long-term follow-up 2
The Role of Appearance: Definition of Appearance-Pain (App-Pain) and Systematic Review of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Used in Literature 2
Role of aesthetic surgery in improving the quality of life: only vanity or a solution to physical and psychorelational problems? 2
Late hematoma after augmentation mammaplasty apparently due to myoelectrostimulation 2
A systematic review on the Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS) questionnaire in surgical research 2
The perception of the body: quantitative methods for self-evaluation of the body in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery 2
Combined use of fractional CO2 laser and radiofrequency waves to treat acne scars: A pilot study on 15 patients 2
Plastic surgery and smoking: a prospective analysis of incidence, compliance, and complications. 2
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures following Rhinoplasty. 2
Feasibility study on equine acellular pericardium matrix (APM): A new tool for breast reconstruction 2
Leiomyosarcoma of the scrotum arising from the dartos muscle: a rare clinicopathological entity 2
Cognitive investigation study of patients admitted for cosmetic surgery: information, expectations, and consent for treatment 2
Patient-Reported Satisfaction Following Post-bariatric Surgery: A Systematic Review 2
BREAST-Q following breast reconstruction: analysis of breast perception and sexuality. 2
Reply to: An Alternative Treatment of Pseudogynecomastia in Male Patients After Massive Weight Loss 2
Dysmorphophobia: When Should the Plastic Surgeon Say No? 2
The Role of Lipofilling After Breast Reconstruction: Evaluation of Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction with BREAST-Q 1
Treatment of Severe Gynecomastia After Massive Weight Loss: Analysis of Long-Term Outcomes Measured with the Italian Version of the BODY-Q 1
The volumetric analysis of fat graft survival in breast reconstruction. 1
Contralateral Breast Augmentation in Heterologous Breast Reconstruction 1
Expander/Implant breast reconstruction after reconstruction using an extended cutaneous thoracoabdominal flap: a case report 1
Effects of latissimus dorsi (LD) flap harvest on shoulder function in delayed breast reconstruction. A long-term analysis considering the acromiohumeral interval (AHI), the WOSI, and BREAST-Q questionnaires 1
Pelvic and perineal reconstruction following abdominoperineal resection: the role of gracilis flap 1
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