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Denoising and harmonic artifacts rejection for ECG P-waves by quadratic variation reduction 1-gen-2011 Fasano, A; Villani, V; Vollero, L
Design and development of a miniaturized 2-axis force sensor for tremor analysis during locomotion in small-sized animal models 1-gen-2005 Campolo, D.; Cavallo, G.; Keller, F.; Accoto, D.; Dario, P.; Guglielmelli, E
Design and development of a sensorized cylindrical object for grasping assessment 1-gen-2016 Cordella, F; Taffoni, F; Raiano, L; Carpino, G; Pantoni, M; Zollo, L; Schena, E; Guglielmelli, E; Formica, D
Design of fiber optic applicators for laser interstitial thermotherapy: theoretical evaluation of thermal outcomes 1-gen-2013 Saccomandi, P; Schena, E; Silvestri, S
Development and preliminary testing of an instrumented object for force analysis during grasping 1-gen-2015 Romeo, Ra; Cordella, F; Zollo, L; Formica, D; Saccomandi, P; Schena, E; Carpino, G; Davalli, A; Sacchetti, R; Guglielmelli, E
Efficacy of cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation in drug-resistant epilepsy: a proof of principle 1-gen-2014 Assenza, G; Campana, C; Formica, D; Schena, E; Taffoni, F; Di Pino, G; Di Lazzaro, V
Estimation of anisotropy coefficient and total attenuation of swine liver at 850 nm based on a goniometric technique: Influence of sample thickness 1-gen-2014 Saccomandi, P; Vogel, V; Bazrafshan, B; Schena, E; Vogl, Tj; Silvestri, S; Mantele, W
Evaluation of Pulmonary Rehabilitation after Lung Resection through Opto-Electronic Plethysmography 1-gen-2010 Bastianini, F.; Silvestri, S; Schena, E.; Cecchini, S.; Sterzi, S.
Goniometric measurement for the estimation of anisotropy coefficient of human and animal pancreas 1-gen-2015 Saccomandi, P; Schena, E; Massaroni, C; DI MATTEO, FRANCESCO MARIA; Silvestri, S
Hot Spot Hound: a novel robot-assisted platform for enhancing TMS performance 1-gen-2013 Pennimpede, G; Spedaliere, L; Formica, D; Di Pino, G; Zollo, L; Pellegrino, G; Di Lazzaro, V; Guglielmelli, E
Influence of FBG sensors length on temperature measures in laser-irradiated pancreas: theoretical and experimental evaluation 1-gen-2013 Saccomandi, P; Lupi, G; Schena, E; Polimadei, A; Caponero, Ma; Panzera, F; Martino, M; DI MATTEO, FRANCESCO MARIA; Sciuto, Sa; Silvestri, S
An innovative device to support Politzer manoeuvre 1-gen-2007 De Porcellinis, S.; Setola, R.; Casale, M; di Castelbianco, F. B.; Salvinelli, F.
Internal temperature increase during photothermal tumour ablation in mice using gold nanorods 1-gen-2015 Mooney, R; Schena, E; Zhumkhawala, A; Aboody, Ks; Berlin, Jm
A low-cost video-based tool for clinical gait analysis 1-gen-2009 Soda, P; Carta, A; Formica, D; Guglielmelli, E
Measurement of condensed water mass during mechanical ventilation with heated wire humidifiers: Experiments with and without pre-warming 1-gen-2014 Schena, E; Saccomandi, P; Giorgino, M; Silvestri, S
A micro flow-meter for closed-loop management of biological samples 1-gen-2005 Accoto, D; Damiani, F.; Campisi, M.; Castrataro, P.; Campolo, D.; Guglielmelli, E; Dario, P.
Monitoring of Thermal Treatment by Linearly Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Feasibility Assessment During Laser Ablation on Ex Vivo Liver. 1-gen-2016 Napoleoni, F; Caponero, Ma; Polimadei, A; Tosi, D; Saccomandi, P; Schena, E; Taffoni, F
An MR-compatible force sensor based on FBG technology for biomedical application 1-gen-2014 Saccomandi, P; Caponero, M A; Polimadei, A; Francomano, M T; Formica, D; Accoto, D; Tamilia, E; Taffoni, F; Di Pino, G; Schena, E
Multipoint temperature monitoring in liver undergoing computed tomography-guided radiofrequency ablation with fiber Bragg grating probes 1-gen-2016 Saccomandi, P; Schena, E; Diana, M; Di Matteo, Fm; Costamagna, G; Marescaux, J
A New Ecological Method for the Estimation of Nutritive Sucking Efficiency in Newborns: Measurement Principle and Experimental Assessment 1-gen-2013 Tamilia, E; Taffoni, F; Schena, E; Formica, D; Ricci, L; Guglielmelli, E
Mostrati risultati da 6 a 25 di 32
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